Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 791.25 miles

OK, so Its nearly a week later that I'm finally getting down to making this entry and I have very little recollection of this run.


I'll make it short because I want to write about the run I did yesterday. It was the same old same old run but I think for once I managed to actually take it easy on a run. The trail running on the weekend is very tough and it's making me become more sensible on my other runs. So I plogged along just to get through it. I'm getting really bored of this course. But of course I get to socialize afterward with pizza and beer so who's complaining. I do remember taking it very easy all the way until the last stretch when I decided to open up a bit. But it was done in a very measured way. I was proud to see that the recent increasing in training gave me a lot of strength at the end and I was going pretty fast when I finished.

That's it. Boring run otherwise.

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