Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cougar Mountain

Current Mile total: Embarassing

When I started this blog, a couple years ago it was because I read an article in Runners World about how to stay disciplined and keep running. I really didn't need it at the time because I was in the height of my running craze. I just started one because I thought it might be fun to keep a runner's journal and indeed it was. I love looking back at those posts I made and I'm glad I created a record of such a wonderful summer. It really was one of the best times of my life. So now here I am, more than a year has passed without any posts and I haven't run consistently since.

So now I look to the blog again. But this time I'm taking the advice of runner's world and using this to jump start a sad affair with running. I hope by jumping on here and jotting some notes down I'll be more likely to get out and run.

And what a good time to start. I'll be spending some time down on the Columbia River where a world of new trails awaits. I love the trails on Cougar Mountain and up in the Cascades but I get bored easily and need new trails to explore.

As for this post...

Cougar Mountain. I met Andy and Maile out there at 9 on Saturday with Penny ready to run. It's only my third trail run in over 3 months. I ran for 90 minutes the first weekend, 45 minutes the second and this weekend I did 2 hours 15 minutes. It's a fast climb up in mileage and 'm hurting for it now. Shin Splints. I guess I'll continue to get these as long as I'm young and foolish about my training. They're a painful reminder to slow things down when I first start building.

The conditions were great. 40-50 degrees but clear sky and sunny. I think we did some where around 10 miles.

Ok, so it was a boring first post, but it's a start.

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