Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 1018.5 miles

Tonight I ran with Penny. Its the second time I've brought her with me on my Tuesday night run. I've been concerned about her health and lack of exercise lately as I can see cellulite all over her body. Since Cody got hit by the car she has got very little exercise. Cody can't go on long walks and I've been just too busy to make the necessary time to get her to the park. We a two weeks ago I thought I'd try taking her to run with me and she did great up to the half way point when she decided she had enough of it. She put the brakes on and when I stopped trying to drag her, she lay down in the grass. It was a long run that night in which I had to walk run at a very slow pace to allow Penny to avoid a heart attack. It was the first time I came in last in that group and there are some slow runners there.

Well, since then I've forced myself to take Penny out running a couple times(short runs) and to the park a few times. And last night on her second appearance at the SRC club she was ready for the challenge. She pulled me for the first half mile before she settled down. Then she ran happily next to me for the rest of the run. With any luck Penny might turn out to be a good trail dog. At this point I'm going to try to work her up to as many miles as I can on the urban runs and if she can handle 10 then maybe I'll take her out on the trails. If Cody was still capable he'd most definitely be up to it but Penny is not as interested in running.

Well, aside from that, last night was uneventful. Just a slow pace run to start the week. I felt a little sluggish from my strong weekend runs. Tomorrow night will be a workout and I'm still not sure if I'll bring Penny to this one. I think she needs a day to recover.

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