Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Powerline Trail 6.25

Current Mile total: 1024.75 miles

Tonights run was out on the Powerline Trail. Its my course as I've said in the past. I didn't feel very strong and Andre provided a good challenge but I still managed to finish first again. Andre beat me up all the hills and pulled ahead a couple times to stopping points where the others could catch up. So if he hadn't stopped I might not have finished first. But on the down hill portion of the course I always go much faster and gained a minute on him. I took it really easy on the downhill as I'm beginning to get shin splints. Even then I was still the fastest downhill. I'm not entirely sure why no one else in the group is able to run downhill fast. It's not like I go extraordinarily fast. Maybe they don't want shin splints? Anyways, got through another workout. Looking forward to another spectacular weekend.

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