Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 1065 miles

Ran with Penny again, still trying to work her up to good health and perhaps some trail running. I'm skeptical that she'll be able to trail run. She just doesn't have the fire that Cody does when it comes to running. For her it has to have a purpose. Like so many people who say, "Yeah I run, when I need to catch something, or I'm running away from something." But Cody ran cause he liked being beside me and would have gladly ran until his legs fell off. Penny runs to chase squirrels or at bicycles that pass the park.

Tonight she ran well again aside from slowing down when we were trailed by another runner. She kept looking back and slowing us down. Then the other runner would pass us. Once they passes, Penny would speed back up and we'd pass the other runner. This cycle went on a while until the other runner noticed the pattern and stopped to let us get ahead of her. Penny than ran well for the rest of the run and actually pulled toward the end. It seems Penny completely recognizes that for the first half of the run we're running away from a place that she considers safe. So for half the run she drags and I have to occasionally pull on her leash to get her to keep up with me. But as soon as we start heading back, I mean the moment we are physically starting to get closer to her safe place, she knows. Maybe its from smell, maybe its from the big calculating bean that's rolling around in her big pit skull. Its not like we go straight out and back. Its a very organic route but Penny can tell when we start heading back and when we do she picks up the pace and now that she's getting healthy, she pulls me. I know she's getting ready to run more, but I'm still cautious not to take her on a workout night.

So that was our run, we took it fairly slow, which is good cause its not about speed on Tuesday nights, just the time and mileage. On a side note, Kiwi was at the SRC shop. Kiwi is Brian's dog who we run with on the weekends. She's this little spastic border collie mix that never seems to get tired. I didn't see Brian but I was happy to get to introduce Penny to Kiwi as I hope that in a couple weeks Penny might be out running with her on Cougar Mt.

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