Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 1118.75 miles

Tonight I had to run without Penny. Jenn is out of town and I can't leave Cody alone or else he'll howl until I get back. No destructive behavior, just howling. Something about his pack leaving without him. So Penny has to skip a week of running and I get a chance to run my "normal" speed on Tuesday night for a change. I felt really good and in just a matter of a quarter mile I was in front of everyone except the young kids(must be college or high school) who run in an entirely different league than the rest of us. I keep repeating to myself to keep my breathing easy and to go slower but I feel excellent and the speed comes easy tonight. On the return, I see Toby and Hershel coming up behind me. They catch and pass me on the staircase. Now I am taking it really slow because I've no need to push myself up this hill( I get plenty of that on the weekends) but even if I was trying they still would have passed me. They accent up the staircase was impressive.
I get up the hill feeling tired but not too bad. The rest of the run is at a fast but easy pace. Other than that, just another boring Tuesday night run.

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