Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cougar Mountain 14 miles

Current Mile total: 1160.75 miles

Today's run was the usual recovery run out at Cougar. Michael was the leader out there today as Brian is preparing for the Cle Elum 50k next weekend. Kathleen and I resolve to go easy but quickly find we are both feeling quite good despite the previous day's tough course.

We've been using a recovery formula and it seems to be helping immensely. In fact, last night, just hours after I finished my run i felt ok to run again. Michael took it easy on us and managed to remove any difficult climbs. After 14 miles both of us were ready to be finished.

One other item of note. I decided early on in the run to try no walking up hills and was strong enough to do so. Even though the biggest hills were cut out there was still a considerable amount of climbing that had to be done and I was able to run it all without stopping no matter how slow it took. It was a minor milestone in my training and I was very pleased.

Oh, and the weather is starting to cool.
Oh and as I think of it, I saw Uli Steidl. He won the Seattle Marathon last year and Kathleen says he's ranked #14 in the world for runners.

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