Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cougar Mt. 10 miles

Current Mile total: 1112.5 miles

Wow, today I didn't want to get up to run. Yesterday's run really took a lot out of me. It was by far the hardest run we've done yet. It was the longest distance, longest time and I think the most technical. I usually think on the way home from a run that I'll get home and end up napping. But usually I get home shower and eat and then end up doing something productive. Not yesterday. I was just out of it. No energy. So when the alarm went off this morning I glared at it with heavy resentment. Sigghhhh.

But i get up anyway and by the time I get to Kathleen's I'm feeling better. We both have that big grin on our faces like, "I can't believe we're doing this." But we are.

We get to the trail head and as I said yesterday, there's Brian and Michael and it was great to see that same grin on there faces. It's that grin that admits one's humanity. One that says, "yeah, yesterday kicked our butts too." We all start gibbering about the difficultly of the course and the practicality of finishing in time. Then Brian says something that's music to all our ears.

"I think we'll just do ten today, that sound good?" Does it ever. Even the elites get tired. So we all head out. Oh, did I not mention that again its just Kathleen and I out of the trainees. Week after week we're the ones out there busting our asses. In the others defense I don't really know that the others aren't running. They very well might be. But they're not out at cougar.

So Kathleen leads the way for the run and we take it at a nice slow pace. After the first 15 minutes of warming up we settle into a nice grove. Its not as bad as we thought it would be and we stay positive. And to our delight Brian charts a course that removes practically all the hills on the course. Its an easy 10 miles today and we're done in under two hours.

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