Saturday, June 9, 2007

Alki Beach to Lincoln Park 12 miles

Current Mile total: 728.5 miles

Oh me Oh my, what a lucky guy am I. Today I headed out to meet a few runners at Alki beach for a long slow run. I didn't really know who was going to show up aside from my new friend Kathleen whom I met at the 50k race last week. I coordinated with Mel from the SRC to meet at the Alki Tavern at 9. I get there and its just Mel, Hanna Kathleen and me. So if you ever see one guy hanging out with 3 pretty ladies and you think, "what's his special power?", it's called luck.

So anyways, it was a nice run even though it was lightly raining. Most of the time I ran side by side with Kathleen and we talked about running in general. Why we like it, what our families think about it and all the usual comradaries. I really didn't get to talk to Mel and Hanna much even though they were right behind us. Just too deaf to hear anybody unless they're right next to me. And I would like to have talked with them both because lets face it, they're two single attractive girls. I'm the dolt chatting it up with the only taken girl in the bunch. But Kathleen is super cool, extremely good runner and it will be great to have someone who likes to do ultras as a training partner. And that's what we agreed to try to do, meet up on the weekends for long runs(20+miles) .

This was a really cool run. Because of the rain we couldn't really see the Olympic Range but its usually a gorgeous view from Alki Beach. We turned around at Lincoln Park which was this great natural beach as seen to the left. All in all it was a great morning spent running with friends. Why do I do this running thing one might say? I'll give you three reasons. ;-)

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