Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 763.25 miles

Tonights run. Well, it was pretty uneventful. Went out, actually managed to run conservatively and not hurt myself. I started out chatting with Alison a little about last Saturday's Squak Mt. Run but eventually she pulled away from me, my lungs too exhausted from that run. It was just the same old run, but I did manage to bring my camera with me so I could capture a picture of the infamous Staircase. It doesn't look very intimidating in the pic, I'll agree with that assessment, but running full speed down it can get crazy. Also, what you're seeing is not the full staircase but only a fraction of it, it starts up around the top of the pic and continues well below with varying grades of descent. I managed to get to the last step seen here before I did my wonderful dive into the dirt.

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c.bellevie said...

Because I love these sort of things, you totally ought to start using waymarking.com and mark the cool stuffs you come across.