Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Redmond Hill Sprints 6 miles

Current Mile total: 769.25 miles

Did I ever mention I hate hill sprints? No really. I mean I HATE hill sprints. Tonight we ran out along the Sammamish River trail and turned a new way to get to our 3 hills. There's a community in Redmond where the group has picked three different hills starting with long and not so steep to short and very steep. We run 4 sprints per hill for a total of 12 sprints. By the 12th one I'm hyper-ventilating and practically in tears. Its sprinting and of course that means going as fast as you can. But I think I take it as a personal challenge to be up front every time. So I give it every last bit I have. Maybe not the smartest thing to do. Cause I think optimal training says you go fast but not 100%. But I don't know how to do that. Just not capable in a sprinting format to hold back. I don't know, maybe next time we do them I'll try to be more sensible. Nobody else is practically puking or hyper-ventilating when we do these. It was also emotionally tough today because the last time I ran a hill sprint Cody was out there with me. MAN, he loved hill sprints!! He absolutely loved chasing everyone and trying to, as a team, get to the front of the pack. And of course now he may never get to do that again. He's hopping around on three legs now and doing much better from his accident but it will be quite some time before he gets use of his leg, if he ever does. So there was a cloud of sadness over me while I struggled with the hills. Next run is out at Tiger Mountain. 16 miles of very steep trail. Look out legs its time to hurt.

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