Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Capital Hill Birthday Run

Current Mile total: 6 miles

Ok, let's begin this season. We'll start counting the miles on Tuesday March 17th. I turned 35 and I have a gut. It's time to take a hard look in the mirror and realize that I'm really not the guy I was just a couple years ago. I've kept a blind eye on my waist and two wide eyes open during every meal. I guess that's how it starts. Well, it's got to stop.

I guess the young guy who took for granted a inherent slimness and inexhaustible metabolism is gone. I'm going to have to start really applying some elbow grease in my workouts. Um, I mean actually start doing a workout. And I don't mean running. I think this guy needs to start doing some push ups and sit ups. Booo. I've always hated exercise of any kind. I really don't consider running exercise. In fact, sports aren't exercise. Exercise is just a by-product. Exercise for the sake of exercise seems so unimaginative. Seems there's got to be something more fun that can target you muscles groups better than lifting weights. NO? But I suppose this is coming from a guy who doesn't have the drive(desire, potential etc.) to try winning a race.


Tuesday was cool. Lots of folks showed up for the Tuesday night run and drink at Barca afterward. Being that it was my birthday it was indeed extra special. The actual run was ok until the low uphill. My legs just were not recovered from Tiger yet and I had to walk through some of it.

Just one more week until the Gorge. I look for to getting a lot of running in and coming back to Seattle a rejuvinated runner.

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