Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vancouver BC 5 miles

Current Mile total: 17 miles

This weekend Jenn and I traveled up to Vancouver to visited Mẹ(Vietnamese for mom). It's our last chance before we leave for the Columbia River to get fed so much we hate life. I decided to pack my running gear and remarkably I was able to muster the will power to get up on Saturday and run. I didn't run for long and I ran slowly at that. But I did get out. It was mostly road with just a small portion of trail. The route started out with about 3/4 flat and the took me down a long hill. Once down the hill it was a short run to the trail where I knew then was a very steep set of wooden stairs. I was able to climb to the top without stopping but I definitely got a strong workout. I turned around at the top and looked forward to the long climb back. I hung in there and never stopped up the long return. My second half ended up being about the same time as first which was nice considering all the downhill that was in the first. I did take it very slow going down the first decent to be sure not to aggravate the shin splints. I returned home to breakfast waiting for me.

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