Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heidi's Hills ~6 miles

Current Mile total: 29 miles

Tonight was my last run with my other running group, the Footzone club. We did the Heidi Hills workout. Finally some good weather here. Ran with Andy, Jill, Kathleen and Tim. It was 3 sets of 4 repeats. I held back for on the first two, running fast but not really sprinting. The last set I began to push myself. In this way and only this way I was able to take the lead for the last couple repeats. I know it foolish but I still can't seem to not be ultra competitive when it comes to sprinting. Immediately after the sprints as we headed back down the hill my right calf knotted up. So much so I thought I might not be able to walk. I was pretty worried but adjusted the way I ran and made it back without any injury. Afterward we headed over to Chipotle for dinner.

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