Tuesday, March 31, 2009

City of Carson 9 miles

Current Mile total: 38 miles

Hello Coulumbia River Gorge!!
Jenn and I moved down to the river this last weekend and today I got to do my first run down in the gorge. I'm determined to get a balance of road and trails in my training and my first run started me off right.

The first thing I wanted to do was see where the road behind Venka's(our landlady) house goes. I knew it was steep but I was really in for a hard start. It was only 3/4 mile up to the end of the road but by the time I arrived my lungs were burning. I was also greeted by two Australian Shepards who promptly alerted their owner that I had arrived on their property. I turned around and criss-crossed the town in an attempt to accumulate my hour and an half of running. I purposely ran down a long hill and was surprised when upon returning to the top that I had been able to run faster uphill than compared to running against the wind on the flat road after that.

Othwerwise the run was pretty uneverntful. I was just nice to be running more rural roads for a change.

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