Monday, April 23, 2007

Home to GreenLake and Back 9.25 miles

Current Mile total: 518.75 miles

This run was a bit of an experiement. I knew that Greenlake was 2.68 miles to the west of my condo and the same to the south. But navigating that isn't as easy as it sounds because the roads around me are littered with dead ends. I did manage to find my way though and got to Greenlake within about 3.5 miles. The route there is unavoidably uphill half the way and thankfully downhill the second half. The lake route itself is nice and flat and almost a perfect 5k loop. Running back of of course presents the exact uphill/downhill battle but is quite rewarding. The Greenlake common grounds is a cool place to run if you're looking to be social as its just full of people looking to get noticed but not a place for a purist. There are so many people walking, roller-blading, and running that you have to weave constantly back and forth. There are also lots of people walking with their dogs which is nice and uplifting for the spirit. It seemed that most people there were not really runners as I was passing every single person. Lots of people who want to look like they run but probably don't do more than an occasional 5k. Not that running just 5ks is bad. I have to applaud anyone who gets out and runs for any reason. But still the elitist runner in me looks at all those people as a bit fake. But hey, I was there too doing a little people watching so I shouldn't be talking so.

It was a good run overall and I felt solid. I just took it easy because I'm trying to take it easy with all the mileage I will be adding on these coming weeks. It was also a very beautiful day with the sun shinning and warm in the 60s. I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me but I think it may have been creepy to take it on this run. Don't want people thinking I'm a perve.

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