Saturday, April 28, 2007

Victory Heights 2.5 miles

Current Mile total: 528.75 miles

So I didn't get a chance to put in a larger run Friday night as planned. I was too worked up by the electrician who tried to rip me off. They gave me a bogus estimate on some fairly simple work and I told them I couldn't pay that much and sent them away. So I decided to do myself and spent my time at home depot instead of running. So this morning I got up and just ran out of my house into the neighborhood behind me. I walk these roads with the dogs and its nice and quiet. It was a very short run, I didn't want to exert myself too much as I know I have 20 miles to run tomorrow. Although it was only 2.5 miles it felt tough. My legs were heavy and the left side has the beginnings of shin splints. But it was over really fast and this extar milage wil put me at 40 for the week if I follow through with the 20 tomorrow. The weather was OK. It was cool with overcast and looked of rain.

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