Sunday, April 22, 2007

Redmond Watershed 10 miles

Current Mile total: 509.5 miles

Today I got up and met Jesse at the Redmond Watershed. It was cool and it looked of rain. It was my first run where I had to travel east to over the 520 bridge and I got a taste of the distance and time I'll be traveling to continue running with the Footzone club. It wasn't bad but of course it was Sunday morning so there was no traffic. The run started out tough. I've been bruised and battered from moving to the new condo. It took a couple miles to shake out the soreness but after that I felt quite good. Other than that the run was just your average run, it was good to have Jesse's company and time went by fast. Of course once we got to the crest of the hill within a mile of the finish I took off trying to finish hard. I guess it has been a tough week and I'm still recovering because I had no real power in my sprint. But I did finish strong so over all it was a good run. Then I had to move my living room furniture up 2 flights of stairs. Well, done and then I got great news today. I can get transportation to the Rainer to Ruston race so Today I know I will be registering for my first 50k. Now all I need is for my printer ink to come in so I can print out the application and mail in the registration. Just 6 weeks to go!

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