Sunday, April 29, 2007

Burke-Gilman Trail 20 miles

Current Mile total: 548.75 miles

What a beautiful run. Although I felt like CRAP this morning when I got up, almost nauseous. I really thought the run was going to be miserable. But after just a mile or so I felt much better. I ran from the house south to 95th st where I turned east toward Lake Washington and the Burke-Gilma Trail. In between my place and the trail is a large hill. When I got up to the top going out I took a detour to get to the nearest grocery store to buy a Gatorade to carry with me. Once I purchase that I headed back to 95th and east again to the trail which was a nice downhill. Once on the trail the run becomes flat and stays that way the entire time. So I head north up around the lake all the while enjoying the great view. The trail is really peaceful. It runs between very expensive lakeside homes and aside from the occasional bikers and walkers its fairly quiet. I felt great running out, with just a little feeling of weariness right before I turned around(no doubt from the psychological effects of knowing the turn was coming) then felt good again all the way until around 16-17 where I did begin to get tired. Overall I was impressed how I ran today. I did take it slower than normal but it was a smart move considering the 50k(I'll be saying that a lot over the next few weeks). When I got back to the point where I jumped on the trail I knew I was in store for the big hill. I decided that I would not stop and just take it real slow up the hill. I managed to pull it off and then something happened that I don't think has ever happened to me before. After 19.5 miles I experienced a true second wind. I honestly felt like I had just started running and my legs felt amazing. I was not one bit tired and felt like I could have EASILY run another six miles to make a marathon.
It was a great feeling and I think its a result of putting a lot of miles in lately. So if I can just manage to run smart and stay injury free I think I'm going to reach a new plateau in my running. Look out 50k here I come!
Btw, I just bought a new camera. Its smaller than a deck of cards so I will now carry it in my fanny pack while I run. This boring blog will finally have pictures!

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