Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Powerline Trail 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 499.5 miles

Tonight I met up with the Footzone running club. We all decided to run the Powerline course which is a tough hill course. You run out easy for two miles, climb up a very tough couple hills then there's a couple trail portions and you finish with a very steep downhill. I like to call this my course. The last couple times the group has done this course I've been the first finisher. I wish this was because I was truly the fastest runner. Each time the others have taken it easy on this course as they are training and knew to not push it too hard. I have a problem with taking it easy especially on tough courses. It's like a challenge I see. But tonight two of the runners didn't take it easy. Andre and Jim both made tonights run very challenging. I went out easy and when we got to the hill Andre powered up it. I took it easy and got to the half way point in second place. By the time the light changed everyone had caught up and it was off again. This time Jim decided to jump into the leading group. I followed slowly up behind and by the crest of the hill I had managed to rejoin both runners. My breathing was crazy but after a few minutes of level running I felt much better and decided to take the lead until we reached the trail portions. Here I let Jim and Andre take off again. The trails are tough with a lot of steep climbing. Jim managed to separate himself from me and Andre and had a nice 100 yard lead by the time the downhill began. It took the entire downhill for me to catch him and of course I had nothing left when I did. Jim of course had plenty and took it on home finishing about 20 secs ahead of me. The next runner in was Andre joined by Kimmy nearly a couple minutes later.

I love this course. It's just 6.25 miles and favors a guy like me. The hills in the beginning are tough and I've got the gusto to really power up them. I know that I will recover on the long downhill so I pretty much give everything I've got going up. Tonight was just great because I really had to work hard to come in second. Now I can only guess that I'm the only fool that's actually racing out there but that's just how I operate. I love a challenge. I really feel like I must come off like a complete jackass out there but who cares. I love racing like that.

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