Thursday, April 9, 2009

City of Carson 5 miles

Current Mile total: 69 miles

Tonight was just another boring run trying to put miles under the belt so to speak. I just ran around the city again. Some hills involved this time but nothing too difficult. I was supposed to do 6 miles tonight but I only got 5 in. I still don't know the area well enough and I underestimated my distance. I ran for 45 minutes which means my speed is pretty slow. Regardless, my legs felt OK and I think I'm beginning to get a good foundation going. I'll be headed out on the trails again this weekend with my camera but I haven't decided which trial to take. I kinda want to explore the same trail again but considering there are a limited number a days I'll be able to get out there and more trails than days, I might have to try another one. The ran is now back so it looks like I might be out there getting wet tomorrow.

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