Sunday, April 5, 2009

Multnomah falls ~10 miles

Current Mile total: 54 miles

Today was my first trail run at the Gorge and it didn't disappoint. Multnomah Falls is a very touristy place to go because its such a beautiful attraction but all you need to do is go a mile in and you're alone. The tourist don't go very far on the trail because it's just too steep and let's face it, they're tourist.

I ran with Penny which will hopefully be one of many times over the next few months. The trails doesn't start off easily. The falls are 620 ft high and you basically climb that distance in the first mile. Up you go. It's a paved trail until you reach the top and then it's all wilderness. It was tough not to stop and take pictures every few feet because I the trail follows the creek all the way.

After about 55 minutes I came to a crossroads and it appeared I was moving away from the creek so I turned back so I could take an alternate route I had passed. This path ran up high and went around to a southern part of the mountain where it was warmer and drier.

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