Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pacific Crest Trail 7 miles

Current Mile total: 167 miles

Today was a recovery run. It was really tough to get out there. I decided to to the Northern section of the PCT headed out from the Bridge of the Gods. I chose this trail because it looked relatively flat. And for the most part it was. There was more climbing than I anticipated but nothing to cry about.

Met this little fella in the first few minutes.

I had been told by someone that the trail had sections where it had been clear-cutted by foresters. They were not wrong. I don't want to complain about it because I really don't know all the reasons behind it and I'm sure that people's job and the local economy might depend upon it. But it does bum me out to come around a corner and see no trees on the PCT. Couldn't they leave a quarter mile strip of trees around the trail to retain the integrity of it all? It is a shame that the trail got butchered. I wonder if there had been protests when it was done or if there are other locations along the PCT where this has happened.

On the bright side, it was sunny. First trail here that I've run and been exposed to the sun.
Toward the end I did start to feel loosened up from the prior day's run. Recovery run's hurt but they're when the real training happens.

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