Friday, May 4, 2007

Burke Gilman 11.25 miles

Current Mile total: 571 miles

So today I headed south on the Burke Gilman. It was a beautiful evening and a good run. Right where I decided to turn around, at about 5.5 miles, there was a pizza shop. Right off the trail, maybe 30 feet. I GOTTA bring money with me next week and grab a slice on the run. NOW THAT"S RUNNING!!!

Over all I felt really good during the run although I did recognize that my body is taking a toll from all the mileage. On the way back I have to run back up the big hill. I LOVE THIS HILL. For lack of a better term, it gave me my balls back. For too long I've been a wimp when it came to hills and this hill has giving me my confidence back. It hasn't stopped me yet although it is as big a hill as any I've ever run(well, maybe not Hurricane point at Big Sur). So I love to climb it. Sure and steady, and its transformed me back into the runner I was when I first started. A tough cookie who doesn't stop running regardless of how I felt. So much of running is in the heart and mind and to be able to believe in yourself is worth much more than fitness. Eventually the fitness gives way and you're in pain, and its up to your will power to continue. Without the heart and mind to push through, your done. SO thank you big hill, you've given me my balls back.

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