Sunday, May 27, 2007

Redmond Watershed 10 miles

Current Mile total: 671.75 miles

I met Jessi this morning at the Watershed. It was lightly raining but overall the conditions were good. The tree cover protected us from the majority of the rain but by the time we finished I was soaked. It was just the two of us so we just chatted it up a bit and took it casually. When we got to the second side of the run the usual trail was closed off and we had to take an alternate route. We figured it would eventually cross paths with the other but it never did and it ended up being a bit of a guessing game. Around that time I felt an uncomfortable pinch around my toes of my right foot. I ignored it thinking probably a blister. When we did finally meet up with the usual route Jessi offered for me to go on ahead and finish strong but I declined. But then after a little bit I decided that there was only about another mile to go and I wanted to pick up the pace just a little so I did end doing just that. Afterward we decided to get breakfast at the local pancake house where we ogled our hostess and waitress. Hey, we're two single guys and that's what we do. When I got home and took my sneakers off I then recognized that my right shoe was stained with blood. Apparently the blister took care of itself. That's what it ended up being and fortunately it looked and sounds a lot worse than it felt.

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