Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Powerline Trail 8.5 miles

Current Mile total: 653.75 miles

So tonight felt tough on everything. My left ankle felt weak and of course there's the inklings of shin splints on that side too. I think a week off would be great but I not ready to commit to that yet, maybe after the 31 miler(wouldn't it be best before, he thinks). It was Heidi's birthday tonight(actually Monday I believe but we celebrated it tonight). She's this great runner. Really in the elite class if she wanted to be, but she's just so low key about it all. Very classy gal. I again tried to run conservatively tonight and managed to do so until Heidi and Andre decided to add another leg of course. I really didn't need the extra mileage but I said what the hell. And I managed to hold back on that extra as well but then there's the down hill to the Powerline Trail. When it started I said my infamous words "I really got to take it easy" and I swear I really mean it. But I just let the run dictate my speed. And going downhill is just too easy. I really tried to go slow but the hill gets so steep that its harder on you if you resist it. I was almost to the bottom and my right hip flexor produced a very sharp pain. It made me buckle a bit and I had to change my style of running (hmm, you mean you kept running, wouldn't it be best to just stop?). Once the hill was over it didn't seem to be an issue but clearly the biking I did really stretched me thin and I need to be very cautious for a week or so. Even with that mild scare I managed to get back to the finish minutes before Heidi Andre and Mindy. I guess I'm really the only one that flies down that hill. I'm honestly not trying to race ahead so far, its makes me feel like an ass but I have to run what's comfortable. Anyway's the feeling of being an ass was swept away by Sean's sugar cookies that he made for Heidi and boy were they good. We all then headed over to Jamba Juice for a bit.

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