Thursday, May 10, 2007

Burke Gilman 7.5 miles

Current Mile total: 600.5 miles

ooooooo, I made it to 600 miles, grrr, like 5 years ago I did. I feel like I should go back and guess-timate my mileage, I'm so cheating myself out of my hard earned glory. Oh well. So I had taken 3 days off to give my body a chance to rest. It did a world of good and I felt amazing. I kinda pushed it a little harder than I should even though I really didn't push it all that hard. I'd say I was running at 85% and I was maintaining a 7 min mile. Even with the big hill in between I ended up having an average of 7.5 min/mile. I think if I was to do a 5k this weekend I could easily break 20 mins, maybe get close to the 18 min mark. That would be nice.
OK< enough bragging. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, in the 70s when I ran, sun shining. I just went over to the burke gilman and ran a couple miles north and back. I didn't take any pics because I've posted burke gilman pics before. I've got a long run this weekend, 24 miles is what I'd like to do but I have a party to attend Saturday night. Ahh, the balance between enjoying oneself and risking the next day's run. Should I limit my fun and leave early or should I just have a good time and sort it out on the run the next day, showing my toughness? It'll most likely be somewhere in between, I'll feel like shit when I wake up, I'm sure, but then be ok through most the run and then start hating myself around the 20's. Well, until then.

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