Sunday, May 6, 2007

Burke Gilman 22 miles

Current Mile total: 593 miles

This morning ran the Burke Gilman again. I almost didn't run today as yesterday I felt a slight pain in my left Achilles tendon. Go figure, it would be the least of my problems. Don't get me wrong, look up at the title, it says 22 miles. But toward 16 miles my right knee started to ache a bit. And after the run it took a couple hours to work itself out. I thought earlier that I'd most likely not run Tuesday or Wednesday and take a good rest but right now I feel fine so we'll just have to wait and see. I really enjoyed this run, and running in general lately. I've been running solo again, like I used to before I came up here. I love running with the clubs but I miss the solitude of running.

I've been running(cheating) with my i-pod on these long runs and it makes the runs so easy and enjoyable. Running alone with music is like being a kid again when I used to close my bedroom door and be alone and crank up the music for hours. On these long runs I have hours to listen to music. When do you get that luxury as an adult aside from being stuck in traffic? I find myself waving to everyone and in such a great mood. And the right song will put that extra jump in your step.

Something that I've noticed is the lack of connection between people on the trail. And I find this everywhere in society. I think our society has got too internalized. Nobody looks up. When two people are walking toward each other, instead of acknowledging each other they look down and hide, afraid to make eye contact. What has become of us as a social animal. I find it very sad. I consider myself a fairly shy person but I still look acknowledge every passerby. OK, enough social commentary.

So anyways, I ran all the way down to Gasworks Park. This park was featured in the movie, Ten Things I Hate About You. Its a very cool looking structure. Its this deep red orange rust color ling in a bright green field sitting next to Lake Union. And it has an amazing view of the downtown skyline. I had thought I was going to turn around here but it wasn't the half-way point yet so I had to keep running on. I almost ran out of trail to run on but ended up being just fine. It was an overcast day and the temperature was in the 50s. As this is the Burke Gilman run, it ends with my big hill. Again I powered up the hill without stopping. By the end my knee was really aching but I managed to finish without any real injury. Just going to have to start being smarter on my shorter runs and take it easy. Or it may just be time for a week off. We'll see.

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