Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sammamish River Trail 7 miles

Current Mile total: 639 miles

So Wednesday's run was pretty simple, not much to it. Although getting there was a challenge. My company sent a fed ex package to my old address and the management there said they had it so I decided I'd pick it up before the run. This meant me having to drive through traffic down the 5 to 90 and all the way to the Sammamish Plateau. Even without traffic this takes almost 40 minutes. That day it took 1 hour and 5 minutes and when I got there, 5 minutes past the time when I should be leaving to be on time for the run they couldn't find the package. They had no idea where it was so they said the fed ex guy must have picked it up. Very upsetting. What's even more upsetting is calling fed ex the next day and them saying they don't have it and then most upsetting is driving back there on Saturday to find that when the lady went to check for it, it was exactly where her co-worker said it was all the time, she just for some reason didn't see the only item on a bare desk in a empty room. Unbelievable. But I'm a silver lining kind of guy so I was just happy to find the package and have it over with. So back to the run. I ended up calling Footzone and talking to Andy on my way to the store. I told them to head out on the run and not to wait for me but to tell the clerks at the store what course they were going to run. I get there and find that I must have missed them by maybe 3 minutes. I drop off my keys and head out. Too fast but at least I have cause. I caught the group by about three quarters of a mile with my lungs a little tired. It was just a easy out and back run. Andy and Jesse were recovering from their Kirkland Half marathon the previous Sunday so I hung back with them for a while. But eventually I caught my breath and their speed was a little slow for my good so I ran ahead. I honestly ran a conservative run that night. I think I could have and probably should have gone a little slower but I felt good and kept my effort at somewhere around 80%. Everyone else on the other hand took it very slow that night and on the way back in I ran alone. After the run I purchased a new pair of shoes and then met up with a few of the runners at Jamba Juice.

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