Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 645.25 miles

Let's see, its becoming increasingly harder to write about my runs, for two reasons. One being I've just been so busy lately and two being there's only so much you can write about running? Blogging to help stay motivated with running? Or running to help stay motivated with blogging? Which one is it? Well, fortunately there's plenty to write about Tuesday's runs. The SRC club is quite the social group. The run itself was alright. I did manage to keep myself from running too hard which is a good thing because I think the biking I did over the weekend really hurt me. It didn't feel like it but when I went to run it I found that the ole parts ain't working like they should. They're really worn thin. Its all that spinning, my joints aren't used to it. Suppose that's what I get for doing too much too soon. I made it up the staircase this time though. Felt good too. Wait, let me rephrase, cause it surely didn't feel good, in fact it felt like shit. When I got to the top my legs were literally screaming. I swear, I could hear the steam whistling from my knees like the little engine as he's cresting the hill. That staircase is just brutal but I get the feeling it'll make me that much better so I'll gladly accept the challenge.

K, so the run was good, its getting warmer and I'm having to think about hydration more, although this week I was more prepared. I'm thinking right now about how I finished near the front of the pack and I'm slightly ashamed. I think I have a problem with competition, hehe. I laugh, but its the nervous kind of laugh. I don't know how to run with others and not make it into a race. When I run solo I have a great time just relaxing, and I think when I run with just one other person I'm OK, but as soon as you add a third person it becomes a race to me. I'm a terrible social runner. I think part of it is due to the fact that I really have a hard time hearing anything anyone says out there. I mean I'm nearly deaf as it is but as soon as you add the heavy breathing and wind rushing by I really don't hear much out there. Its tough to be out with a bunch of people and yet be unable to connect. So I generally find an in between spot where I can run solo, yet with the company of others. Well, the hearing thing is one aspect, I suppose being a twin is the stronger factor. The need to compete is so much a function of my social behavior its shameful. GOT TO WIN!!

Alright, this is a very moody entry, going to move on. After the run it was pizza and beer again. Met a few more nice runners and then headed out to the bar afterwards for more drinks. Good times, good times.

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