Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Capitol Hill 6.25 miles

Current Mile total: 632 miles

I'm a little behind on my posts this week. Its just been a busy one. Tuesday the Seattle Running Company club, Wednesday the Redmond Footzone club, Thursday babysitting Zinn, Friday going out for the evening and then yesterday was just full of errands. So I'm going to do my best to remember this Tuesday night run. This was my second time running with this club and I actually managed to get there on time. I still had to park quite a ways from the store but still managed to be there long before everyone headed out. I begged and I pleaded with myself to take it easy but when the run started 5 guys ran ahead and something inside of me needed to stay with that group. This is certainly not the same person who loves running the long distances, but the jackass that can't stand to be left behind, the guy that loves hanging with the fastest of the bunch. So I stuck with them for about 2 thirds the way when that first group began to slowly break up. I managed to maintain my placement and eventually passed John when practically falling down a hill. I wish I hadn't because I kinda flew by him by just letting gravity take me and then I felt like an ass because the rest of the run I was so stretched thin. Let me say that this run marks the first time since I moved to Seattle that hydration has occurred to me. It was 82 degrees out there and my mouth was bone dry. It was brutal. In this run we go through this park that has a very steep length of steps that's quite fun running down(almost dangerously fun) but coming back is extremely daunting. I made it about 75% of the way up without stopping but finally gave in to the pain that took over my legs and lungs. It was disappointing but sometimes when you get a look from a passerby that screams, is this guy going to have a heart attack?, you have to wonder, am I pushing it too hard? My heart rate must have been something like 190. So anyways, I get to the top of the park but its still not the end of the hill. In fact it goes on for another half mile at least. But I mustered up the will to slowly jog on and as soon as the down hill came back I recovered and by the time I got to the finish I felt great again. I managed to finish 6th( I think) out of over 20 runners(maybe closer to 30) and it felt good but at a price I think. I really should not have pushed myself that hard on what really should be my rest day. After the run the group went out to Piecora, the pizza parlor where I met a couple more runners( I think its going to be a while before I know everyone from this club) and then after pizza about 15 of us headed over to a bar where we stayed until 11:30. Well, where I stayed until 11:30. A small group was still ordering drinks when I left. Crazy.
Overall it was a tough run and I was glad to finish it. I did think to myself during the run, WHY are you running so hard to keep up with the lead group? What was all that talk about the journey and how speed ruins the enjoyment. I recognized this as my heart screamed for mercy and my lungs desperately struggled to grab air. But I guess when its all said and done, I very much enjoy the chase too. There's just something in me that needs to prove that I'm as strong as anyone else, that I may not be the best but I'm someone to be reckoned with. Someone to take notice of. Its the "pre" in every runner, what compels us to go out and achieve our goals. Without him we'd all just meander through life without purpose.

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