Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sammamish River Trail 7 miles

Current Mile total: 559.75 miles

Tonight I was back on the east side running a simple 20 minute tempo run at a 5k pace. These never end up simple. We ran out easy to the 2 mile marker and started from there. Andre has really been pushing it lately and he headed out strong. I took a guess and let him go. I flt he was going out too strong and ended up being right. He slowed down about half way out and allowed me to catch him. When we turned around at 10 minutes we were exactly 3.5 miles out, so I was headed for a completing a 5k under 20 minutes. There was a strong headwind going back. Andre pushed ahead again and I teased him by drafting. He's a larger man than I and easily shielded me from the wind. I only did this for about 30 seconds before I jumped ahead and tried to share the lead for a bit. No sense in making him break the wind the full time. Only thing is that Andre didn't want the lead back and I was too proud to fall back myself.
So I forced myself to keep a strong pace and was practically hyperventilated by the time 20 minutes was up. I did make it back to the 2 mile marker before the time was up, maybe 20 seconds before so who knows, maybe I could have broke 20 minutes in a 5k had it been a race. Look out 5k, next time I enter one I will most definitely break 20. Afterward we ran a cool down back to the store and all went to Jamba Juice. It was overcast tonight and finally started raining just as we were leaving Jamba Juice.

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